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Robert D. Bradley

40 years experience

Former US Trustee

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Our primary consideration during this pandemic is to protect the health of both the clients, the attorneys and staff while still obtaining the desired bankruptcy relief. Accordingly, the clients can state their legal issues online with the 5-minute evaluator on this website, pick up a form at the office, or request one in the mail to detail the client's circumstances.


    In each case, a professional bankruptcy attorney will contact you at the your convenience. If the client wishes to proceed after this initial free conference, the attorney will explain the cost, payment arrangements, what information and documentation is necessary and how the case proceeds. This office is able to review any case filed by any attorney on-line and therefore we make sure no other attorney is charging less attorney fees.


    Information can be supplied online and where in-person contact is required, both attorneys and clients will social distance and wear masks. When the initial retainer is paid, the attorneys will obtain a credit report for each client at no additional costs. Documents can be signed on-line, and the required hearing will be held by telephone. Payment of attorneys fees and costs are flexible depending on the client's financial circumstances.


    Bankruptcy relief is immediate, so that the day your case is filed, the creditors are stopped from taking any collection efforts, including phone calls, lawsuits, garnishments, repossessions or foreclosures.